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Lilah Sutphen

Lilah_SutphenHersh Family Law P.C.

Lilah has an inner Martha Stewart dying to be cut loose. She is infamous for tempting Board members and friends with delectable dessert concoctions whipped up at home. A Gala Committee Co-Chair Lilah is focused on ensuring BALIF's Gala is an amazing, unforgettable event.

Judiciary Committee Co-Chair

The emotional, “real” component of family law is what keeps Lilah passionately involved in her work. Lilah is a “people-person” who strives to relate, understand, and do what she can to effect change in her clients’ lives. Lilah has a specific attachment to children and has the goal to become a kindergarten teacher in her second career. These traits keep the passion she has in her work alive and her dedication to her clients eternal.

Lilah received her BA from UC Davis in 2007, with a major in Sociology and an emphasis on Law and Society. Lilah earned her JD in 2010 from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego. While in law school, Lilah was actively involved in various LGBT related organizations in the community and at her law school.

This is Lilah's second term with the BALIF Board. During her first two-year term she served as chair of the Social Committee and co-chair of the Programs Committee. She is excited to undertake the huge obligation as the Gala party planner in this next term.

Lilah’s interests include: running, cycling, hiking, traveling, and cooking. She ran the Boston marathon in 2011 and has placed first place overall women in two half-marathons.

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