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BALIF Board Opening

Do you want to get more involved in BALIF? Have a say in how BALIF is run and join the Board of Directors!  

BALIF's bylaws require gender parity on the Board, with an equal number of positions allocated to Directors who identify as male, female, and transgender/gender non-conforming/gender-variant (TGNC). One board position remains open under the TGNC category, but the Board has the authority to appoint a member of any gender. 

If you are interested in being considered for this opening, please email a brief candidate statement (up to 250 words) to nominations@balif.org no later than Monday June 29 at 5:00pm. Please explain your relationship to BALIF and/or why you are interested in joining the BALIF Board.

BALIF seeks a Board that reflects the diversity of our LGBTQI legal community, and we thank all BALIF members for their continued support of BALIF. Please email BALIF's Administrator, Katie Carlson, at balif@balif.org with any questions you may have. 

Your Voice Matters


It’s almost time to vote! Your voice matters in selecting the people who will lead BALIF as members of the Board.

Voting will be open  April 6, 2020  to elect the BALIF Board of Directors for 2020-2021! We have a fabulous and diverse group of candidates this year!

Due to COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place order, elections will be held solely online. 

Check your inbox (and spam folder) for your personalized e-ballot. If you don't receive your e-ballot on April 6 by 5pm, please email balif@balif.org.

BALIF is proud to present your candidates for the BALIF Board below.

* = Board Incumbent    

Women Candidates for 1 Open Position:
  • Jane Aceituno*
  • Atticus Lee
  • Angela Lim
GNC/Non-Binary Candidates for 3 Open Positions (only 1 candidate running):
  • Rafael Matias Langer-Osuna
Men Candidates for 2 Open Positions:
  • Jeremy Avila
  • Daniel Galindo*
  • Taylor Galusha
  • Jeff Kosbie*
  • Tyler Maffia
Law Student Candidates for 1 Open Position (Woman):                      
  • Tatiana Moana Bush
  • Serena Lau

Law Student Candidate for 1 Open Position (GNC/non-binary):    (no candidates running)

Law Student Candidates for 1 Open Position (Man): 
  • Allen Williams


Women: 3 Candidates for 1 Position

Name Statement

Jane Aceituno*

I have been the Community Activism Committee Chair for the last two years and would like to continue in this role.  In the last two years I have raised over $25,000 for local LGBTQ organizations through our Halloween Fundraiser.  I have also organized several free legal clinics in cooperation with the San Francisco LGBT Center, connecting skilled practitioners in health care, employment, name-change, immigration and family law with members of the public for free.  

As you can see, I am passionate about LGBTQI activism!  I started in college after being kicked out of my house when I came out in high school.  I didn’t want anyone else to go through what I did.  Currently I serve on the Board of Harvard’s LGBTQI alumni group.  I’ve carried my passion for service into my family law career where I have a strong LGBTQI clientele.  I’m also passionate about my work in the San Francisco Bay Area community.  I was on the LGBT Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission for several years.  I served a year on the Board of the Harvey Milk Democratic Club.  I was also an advocate against LGBT smoking in the action groups Butt Out and Freedom From Tobacco. I’ve done pro bono legal work outside of the LGBTQI sphere as well. 

On the personal side, I’m married to a wonderful woman and fellow attorney.  We have a gorgeous daughter named Clara, who is the proud owner of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg children’s book “I Dissent.”

Atticus Lee

Atticus Lee (she/her/hers) is a Class Action Litigation Associate at Jackson Lewis P.C. and practices employment law, with an emphasis on discrimination, wrongful termination, wage-and-hour disputes, pay equity, and corporate counseling. Prior to biglaw, she served as an Honors Trial Attorney in Washington DC in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, where she investigated and litigated class action civil rights matters across the country to defend and restore the constitutional and civil rights of justice-involved youth, LGBTQI+ death row prison inmates in Georgia and Alabama, and persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Originally from Taiwan, Atticus is actively involved in the national and local Asian-American legal community as well as the LGBTQ+ community. She serves on the board of the Bay Area chapter of the Taiwanese -American Professionals national group, and Stanford Pride, a 501(c)(3) Stanford University nonprofit which run similarly to BALIF and also sponsors many underprivileged LGBTQI+ students for scholarships and fellowships. It is her lifelong goal to merge her many identity politics with her legal experience and knowledge and make this world just a little bit better for all of us.

Atticus is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and conversant in Spanish and German. In her spare time, she enjoys scuba diving, sailing, trailrunning, live theater, jazz piano, lindy hop, and overly complicated baking projects.

Angela Lim

Hello BALIF Members:

My name is Angela Lim and I have practiced law in both firm and in-house positions for over 20 years in the Bay Area, primarily in the technology area. Currently, I am the General Counsel of Grasshopper Ventures Group, Inc. and Deputy General Counsel at Viz.ai, Inc. I identify as a female Chinese-American lesbian and advocate for acknowledgement of intersectionality and visibility of women, people of color, and the LGBTQIA community. During my tenure at two of my prior companies, I was the founder of the LGBTQIA Employee Resource Groups. I am also one of the co-chairs of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (“NAPABA”) LGBTQIA Network. Additionally, I’ve spoken on and organized several panels for the LGBT Bar at Lavender Law, NQAPIA, and NAPABA to raise awareness of the LGBTQIA community and our issues. 

We live in interesting times where we need to celebrate and advocate for our community. I consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have a wonderful organization like BALIF as our platform and the background of the Bay Area available to us. In a word, we need to rock it! It would be my absolute honor and pleasure to do whatever I can do in my power to continue all the good work at BALIF as well as take it to the next level. Thanks again for your consideration. 

As a side note, my wife and I live in the East Bay and have three cats. They keep me grounded.


Angela Lim


Name Statement
Rafael Matias Langer-Osuna

Hello BALIF Community,

I’m a non-binary, queer Big Law partner and I would like to serve as a BALIF board member.  

Although I am newly out (but no less proud), I have been quietly serving our community for a while.  In addition to pro bono work on behalf of environmental, gender equity, and charitable organizations, for the past couple of years I have been adding my legal services to the Transgender Law Center’s asylum efforts. I also facilitate a non-binary support group at Berkeley’s Pacific Center for Human Growth and I’ve helped my firm further embrace non-binary identities.

I have meaningful civil society leadership and service experience.  Here is some of my recent experience.  I’ve just started my fourth year as Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson for the San Francisco Bay Chapter of the National Speleological Society.  In that role, I revised the bylaws to make the language gender neutral and prohibit gender identity discrimination.  I also currently serve on the Western Cave Conservancy Board. 

I would also like to support BALIF with my unique perspective:  Born in Bolivia, growing up speaking Spanish, German and English, and then studying Chinese for religious purposes, I have used my viewpoint and language abilities to win cases for foreign governments and multinational entities.  In my free time, I read, garden, survey caves and reefs, and parent two teenagers.

I would be honored to further serve our community by working for you all on the BALIF Board.

MEn: 5 Candidates for 2 Positions

Name Statement
Jeremy Avila

Hello BALIF!  My name is Jeremy Avila and I am running for a male seat on our Board because our organization needs diverse and experienced voices.  As a person of color, a South Bay resident, an attorney who has practiced on both the criminal and civil sides, and an active voice for the community, I know my ideas and passion will benefit our membership and community as a whole.  

I've dedicated my entire practice to public service, first as a prosecutor and currently as a Deputy County Counsel for the County of Santa Clara.  Consistent across these roles has been a steadfast commitment to LGBTQ inclusion, recruitment, and mentorship.  I lobbied for and secured LGBTQ sensitivity training for the Santa Clara DA's Office's Domestic Violence team.  I also served on a multi-jurisdictional team of amicus curiae in the pending Title VII cases before the United States Supreme Court.  In short, I not only have a breadth of practice experience that reflects our membership, but a track record of commitment to our community.  My 3 years of service as a board member for BAYMEC, a 4-county political action committee that fights for pro-LGBTQ candidates and policies, further illustrates this.

I want to work with my future fellow Board members and each of you to deliver the most meaningful and impactful experience possible for our LGBTQ legal community, regardless of practice area, background, or location in the Bay Area.  If you want the same for our organization, then please vote for me.

Daniel Galindo*

Thank you for electing me to the Board in 2019.  I am seeking reelection having voluntarily ended my term early in order to help return the Board to its regular term turnover cycle.  

I chair the CCBA Committee and also serve on the Rapid Response Committee, the Governance Committee, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee, and the Membership Committee.  I regularly volunteer with other committees and attend BALIF events.  As Chair of CCBA I increased the size of our delegation, making it possible for seven BALIF members to attend the Conference in Monterey, while balancing a budget.  Through the CCBA Committee, BALIF proposed and endorsed pro-LGBTQ statewide legislation.  With your vote, this year CCBA will prioritize protecting incarcerated LGBTQ people and the homeless.  I have also championed governance best practices on the Board and incorporating D&I measures in all of our work, firmly believing In the importance of intersectionality.

My first job was to organize the LGBTQ community through the ACLU.  Before Dan Savage went viral for “It Gets Better,” I organized workshops in libraries and community centers throughout Northern and Central California to take action to “make it better.”  Through this work, students, teachers, parents, and administrators learned about protections for LGBTQ students and how to stand up for their rights.  Today I practice employment/civil rights law and continue to advocate for the marginalized.  I am committed to public service and would be delighted to continue serving your interests on the BALIF Board.  Thank you for support! 

 Taylor Galusha

Hi! My name is Taylor Galusha and I’m a fresh Hastings Class of 2020 graduate seeking a position on the BALIF board. As a board member my priorities will be to sustain and strengthen our community in collaboration with other board members. My motivation to get involved is to learn from all of you and to channel your needs and desires into the work that BALIF does. This has always been my objective with any similar positions. I’ve been involved with BALIF since I arrived in SF in 2017 and was involved with a similar Seattle organization before that during my paralegal days. I worked on campaigns to pass non-discrimination ordinances, provided intake at LGBTQIA+ legal clinics, and served on the boards of school orgs in high school, college, and law school. I’ve also served on the board of Frontrunners, a LGBTQIA+ running club. If given the honor to serve in this role I will look forward to learning from and advocating for all you in any way that I can. 

Jeff Kosbie*

Hello BALIF!

I am currently co-chair of BALIF and Treasurer for the BALIF Foundation. It has been an honor to lead an incredibly diverse BALIF board during this year of rebirth and growth, and I am proud of the work we have done to bring in new voices and re-engage with long-time members and supporters. During my time as co-chair, we have added a Diversity and Inclusion chair, adopted an interim mission statement, vision statement, and values, established a governance committee, increased transparency to our members, and increased our collaboration with other members of the minority bar coalition. I remain committed to doing the work of promoting diversity and inclusion on behalf of all LGBTQI people, and especially queer and trans people of color.

During this time of COVID-19, I am reminded of one of BALIF’s original purposes: to fight the social isolation of queer people in the legal profession. BALIF’s work remains critical in providing a voice and a safe space for queer people in the legal profession. During the year ahead, I look forward to continuing to expand BALIF’s programming and to amplify BALIF’s voice by re-engaging with lapsed members, bringing in new members, and building stronger coalitions with other minority bar organizations and the broader legal community.

On a personal note, I am a queer, cisgender man, an associate at a plaintiff-side law firm, and an avid trail runner (often on the trails before the sun rises!). I would be honored for your vote.

Tyler Maffia

Hi BALIF! My name is Tyler Maffia and I’m a gay labor attorney in San Francisco. I’m running for the BALIF board because I want to ensure that BALIF continues to be an organization that develops relationships within our community and advances our community’s legal interests. 

I’ve been a member of BALIF since I moved to the Bay Area in 2018. In my short time in BALIF, I’ve volunteered for the organization’s pro bono clinics, I’ve become a member of the membership committee, and I’ve attended other BALIF events.  I became active in BALIF because the organization has the unique ability to build comradery among the LGBTQ legal community, and to use our lawyerly skills to support the larger LGBTQ community through pro bono and other volunteer activities. I’ve always believed that it is important to give back to the community. In law school, I was a Boardmember and Co-Chair of the King Hall Legal Foundation, a non-profit that raises money to fund public interest fellowships at UC Davis School of Law. Before moving to the Bay Area, I volunteered for Workplace Street Law, a program that teaches high school seniors about their legal rights in the workplace. 

LAw Student Woman: 2 Candidates for 1 Position

Name Statement
Tatiana Moana Bush

My name is Tatiana Moana and I am running for a law student position with BALIF.

I only recently learned about BALIF this year but since then I’ve attended every event possible. I’ve been amazed and excited by every event, even more so by the individuals that attend. It’s important to me to be around LGBTQIA folks within the legal community. I’ve seen the good work that BALIF continues and I want to be a part of the team doing that good work.

Since learning about BALIF I’ve worked hard on my campus to inform others about upcoming events and opportunities.  I’m currently a co-chair of Lambda at UC Davis and we’ve been able to get a few of them to BALIF programs. I know that becoming a BALIF board member will allow me to use both platforms to further BALIF’s mission in the bay and farther North. I’m hoping this will be the first of many great things I’m able to do with BALIF.

 Serena Lau

My name is Serena Lau, and I'm a 1L at Berkeley Law. I want to serve on the BALIF Board because I know intimately the value of community: as a first-generation student and queer woman of color, I can't imagine my life without the support and encouragement of folks who see me for my full self. I know that I would not have made it this far without them. During college and in my work prior to law school, I have sought to pay it forward however I can, such as by helping self-represented litigants pursue their family law cases and obtain domestic violence restraining orders during an AmeriCorps service year.

I hope to continue building community by serving on the BALIF Board. Though my journey has had its challenges and law school has still been tough, my experiences have shown me the tremendous value of sharing our individual struggles and joys in community. I see BALIF as an opportunity to share in our collective struggles and joys, as part of the broader LGBTQIA+ community in the Bay Area. By building on the efforts of past Board members, I hope to serve as a liaison and voice for folks at the start of their legal careers. I hope to challenge myself - and others - to act with greater empathy and impact, and to put to good use the privileges that come with a legal education. I would be honored to work towards that goal as a BALIF Board member.  


Name Statement


Name Statement
Allen Williams

    Law students are an integral part of the longevity of BALIF as an organization. It is important to have diverse and involved law students on the board so that once we become attorney’s we will understand BALIF Board operations, increase membership, fundraising and BALIF’s impact in the field of law. Having a sense of community and LGBTQ+ representation within the field of law is important. When you are surrounded by people who understand your identity, that support strengthens your sense of self and productivity as a professional. 

            As a board member I plan to increase the membership of law students who have a vision for continuing to stay involved with BALIF as attorneys. I believe that involvement has to be cultivated at the beginning of law school. While I know that BALIF already is in contact with all of the LGBTQ+ law student organizations my plan is to continue this effort. As an openly gay black law student, I see the dichotomy between my racial identity and sexual orientation. and My identity affects how I am treated in the law school environment and in a professional setting. There is power in diversity and inclusion. I would be honored to be a representative of the BALIF board because I understand the impact and success that BALIF has on LGBTQ+ law students and the sense of community amongst attorneys who are involved in BALIF. 


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