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General Contact Information

P.O. Box 193383
San Francisco, CA 94119
415.874.3045 [T]
415.520.0708 [F]

Katie Carlson
Administrative Director

If you have any questions about the BALIF, contact Katie Carlson at balif@balif.org.

Contact Board Members

BALIF functions through the leadership of its 15 member Board of Directors. Board members are elected by the general membership for a two year term, with vacant seats open for election every April. Board members must be BALIF members in good standing. The Board maintains gender parity with seats evenly divided between men and women, or non-aligned individuals.

BALIF Board Co-Chair: Sarah Davis

BALIF Board Co-Chair: Annick Persinger

Treasurer: Jeff Kosbie

Membership Committee Chair & Social Committee Chair: Sam Potts

Gala Committee Co-Chair: Austin Phillips

Gala Committee Co-Chair & Secretary: Tyler Alexander

Community Activism Chair: Jane Aceituno

Judiciary Committee Chair & New Lawyers Commitee Chair: Dustin Helmer

Programming Co-Chair & Amicus Committee Co-Chair: Felicia Medina

Programming Co-Chair: Skyler Rosellini

State Bar/Conference of Delegates Committee Chair & Programming Co-Chair: Jennifer Orthwein

Community Ambassador Chair: Stephan Ferris

Law Student Representative & Communications Co-Chair: Ary Smith

Law Student Representative & Communications Co-Chair: Michael Riggins

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Office: +1 415 874-3045


P.O. Box 193383 San Francisco, CA 94119